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The JoiiUp brand of HongYing Technology Co., Ltd. 虹映科技 (hereinafter referred to as "JoiiUp") collects, processes, utilizes and protects the personal information you provide in accordance with the relevant provisions of the "Personal Data Protection Law" and the JoiiUp Privacy Statement. In order to ensure that your personal data on the JoiiUp website, JoiiSports App or other e-commerce activities are kept confidential, JoiiUp hereby provides a privacy statement to all users.
Please read the following privacy policy to understand how your personal information will be handled when you use this service. When you complete the registration process or use this service, you will be deemed to have read, understood and accepted this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to this Privacy Policy, you must stop accessing and using the services, materials and apps provided by JoiiUp.

1. This privacy protection policy only applies to JoiiUp services

This Privacy Policy applies only to JoiiUp. This Privacy Policy does not apply to other products and services not provided or controlled by JoiiUp. JoiiUp services may contain links to third parties. When your personal information is collected or used by accessing or visiting these links, you agree that JoiiUp will not be responsible for this; and these websites process personal information in accordance with their respective privacy rights policy.

2. Data collection, processing and utilization

When you register with JoiiUp, we will obtain your personal information, including name, email, birthday, gender, phone number, photo and other information. When you use JoiiUp services or participate in events of JoiiUp, you can upload step counting, exercise records, and photos to the cloud, and we may also collect other specific information about your personal or activities, and you agree that we save, process, and use these data . The specific purposes of JoiiUp's collection, processing, and use of personal data are as follows:
While using JoiiSports App, you may individually authorize the following permissions:
JoiiUp also receives and records data on mobile devices and browsers, including IP address, software version and hardware model. These data are only used to analyze the traffic of users or conduct surveys on the Internet. JoiiUp will use Cookies when you register, log in, and browse to provide users with personal services, such as your personal exercise records and purchase receipts.
JoiiUp will collect personal data during the provision of services, and these personal data will be stored in Taiwan.

3. Data sharing and disclosure

JoiiUp will not share your personal information with any other person or non-affiliated companies unless it is to provide you with the products or services you requested, to obtain your authorization, or in the following circumstances: You can inquire, view and modify the personal information of your JoiiUp account at any time. We reserve the right to send you specific messages related to JoiiUp services (such as service announcements, management messages). You can terminate the use of JoiiUp services and delete your account to delete all collected personal information by JoiiUp and stop sending messages.

4. Self-protection account measures

Please keep your password and personal account safe, and do not provide your personal account or password to anyone. Before you leave your computer or no longer use JoiiUp's services, be sure to log out of your JoiiUp account. If you share your device with others or use a public computer, be sure to log out and close the browser window to prevent others from reading your account's personal profile. When you use this service, your personal nickname and avatar photo will be disclosed to the public or specific users. JoiiUp cannot control users to collect such information by means of screenshots, etc. Such public behavior is not within the scope of protection of the Privacy Policy. Please be careful not to make personal information public, and carefully choose privacy settings when sharing records. 
If children need to use the JoiiSports App, JoiiUp requires those under the legal age to be registered by their parents or guardians, and use it under the condition of ensuring exercise safety. The App will hide some social functions. 

5. Amendments to the Privacy Protection Policy

JoiiUp may revise this Policy from time to time. When we have major changes in the processing of personal data, a notice will be sent to your email in your JoiiUp account, or a notice will be posted on the JoiiUp website.

6. Questions and Suggestions

If you have any questions or suggestions, you can go to FAQ/Customer Service to fill out the form, and it is deemed that you agree to provide your JoiiUp account number for customer service personnel to inquire.

7. Delete JoiiUp account personal data

You can request to terminate the JoiiUp service and delete all personal data. If you want to delete the account information, you can go to the JoiiSports App and click on the avatar to enter the personal information, and then scroll to the bottom "Delete Account". After confirmation, the account and all personal information will be permanently deleted (cannot be restored). You can also fill in the deletion form to request to delete all the personal information collected by JoiiUp, and a dedicated person will reply within three working days. 

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